Canadian Arctic Waters Threatened

A Message to Canadians 

The United States is our most important trading partner and Americans are our “best friends”. To refuse them access to our Arctic lakes and rivers is somewhat akin to “Tough Love”. In other words, while saying “no” is “un-Canadian”, to say “yes” would encourage the type of “Corps-of-Engineers” thinking that in many ways has led to today’s problems.

Allowing the diversion of Arctic waters south would merely serve as a stopgap, and once all the diversions were identified and completed, not only would Canada’s Arctic wilderness be ruined, but the problem would remain, only more so, because of the increased dependence on Canadian water.

Canadians must make protection of our Arctic fresh water lakes and rivers an election issue. Individual citizens and citizens groups from the municipal, through the provincial, up to the federal level must make it happen, as politicians at any level are unlikely to publicly recognize its tremendous importance to the future of this country, unless pushed to do so by the electorate.

No diversions from Canada's Arctic Watershed!


                                    A Message to Americans

The “Economic Pyramid” consists of a small number of “controllers” at the top and a large number of “consumers” at the bottom. In between the top and the bottom are intermediate numbers of retailers, manufacturers and workers producing goods and services.
If the population is stable, the economy will stabilize or even regress, since there are no “new” people buying those goods and services. For the pyramid to function properly and the economy to grow, new people must be constantly added to the bottom layer, so that increasing goods and services will be required.
Elections are won based on which candidate promises the greatest economic growth and prosperity, with little thought being given to the possible impact that unfettered economic (with its attendant population) growth may have on the carrying capacity of the land. A politician, who stated that economic growth in a certain area is no longer sustainable, would surely lose the election – even though he or she may deserve to win it with a large majority, based on that candidate’s knowledge of carrying capacity and willingness to be honest with the electorate.
In the case of fresh water, self-sustaining accessible supplies alone can be the limiting factor that should be driving economic growth. Certainly, once any area has to depend for survival upon water that has been imported over substantial distances, it is time to limit population and economic growth! Once that concept is accepted, it becomes obvious that many areas, and indeed many countries, are overpopulated and overdeveloped. The problem is, however, that politicians will not/cannot publicly accredit that concept, or they risk almost certain defeat as “anti-economic growth” candidates. This creates a typical “Catch 22”, wherein knowledgeable, committed candidates cannot get elected and so the situation continues to worsen.
If the cycle is to be broken, it will be individual citizens and citizens groups that cause it to happen. And the only way it can happen is by making this an election issue! Candidates at the municipal, state and federal level must be made to understand that unplanned population and industrial/economic growth in their riding may ultimately lead to economic disaster because of inadequate sustainable fresh water supplies.
The solution to this dilemma must be “Made in the U.S.A.”