Canadian Arctic Waters Threatened


  Authors such as Richard C. Bocking (Canada’s Water For Sale?, James Lewis and Samuel, 1972),  Marc Reisner (Cadillac Desert, Penguin, 1993), and Robert Glennon (Water Follies, Island Press, 2002) have successfully confronted us with overwhelming proof that whether through mismanagement or actual shortage, the United States of America, with its burgeoning economy and human population, is facing a multitude of problems with regard to future fresh surface and groundwater supplies. The status quo is obviously not acceptable. Serious changes must be instituted soon.

Since Canada’s water is not for sale, those changes must come from “within”, if the U.S.A. is to become fresh water self-sufficient. Since water is “more precious than gold” – and we are now seeing how true that is, the time has come when we must all start paying true value. This will be accomplished when every home, farm, business and institution is metred with appropriate (true/unsubsidized) costs being applied per cubic metre (foot). Whether water comes from a municipal supply, a surface or groundwater aquifer, this must apply equally to urban and rural situations, since we all ultimately receive our water from the same source. Where supplies are seen to be less than self-sustaining (as with many aquifers), the price will rise accordingly.

More than any other single action, this will serve to drive home the message that we can no longer take fresh water for granted. Like it or not, we will be “forced” to conserve.
Following is a thought provoking idea from Kenny Hawley of Vancouver British Columbia. The advancement of desalinization technology, utilizing free, unlimited solar power, could not only provide plentiful fresh water, but has the advantage of withdrawing toxics, while at the same time making useful compounds available for recycling. There must be many more such innovative concepts “out there”, and we would welcome the opportunity to share them through this website.

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Solar Power Idea